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Menu Planning

Save time while giving your taste buds and body a treat! In this complete package, I will customize a menu to meet your body’s needs, your goals, and your eating habits. Although not required, I highly recommend having at least 1 consult prior to menu planning services so I can fully support your health goals.

Support Boxes

Who doesn’t love getting gifts in the mail? With a Healthy Beginnings Support Box you will receive a box full of gifts to help you reach the goals you set!

Types of Boxes:

  • Postpartum birthday box- celebrate the biggest event of the year, your baby’s birth! With this birthday box you will receive goodies to support your postpartum recovery & newborn feeding
  • Healthy Home box- Healthy exposure at home is a great way to encourage healthy long term behaviors in children. Receive a surprise box for the family to enjoy activities, decor, and more that will keep the healthy exposure going.
  • Motivation box- custom items to support your current nutrition goals
    Note: Initial consult is required for a motivation box- schedule an initial consult here. Box order will be completed after consultation.


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