Telehealth Consults

Healthy Beginnings Starter Package

Commit to 3 sessions (1 initial and 2 follow up consults) to both save yourself money & set yourself up for the follow up needed for success.

Following up with a registered dietitian is a great way to find evidence-based & customized recommendations that will help you reach your goals. 


Initial Consult

60 min assessment and nutrition counseling session. In your initial consult I will do a thorough assessment, and together we will create your customized Healthy Beginnings journey plan to meet your health goals.

Follow Up Consults

45 minute counseling sessions. After your initial consult, I can continue to support and guide you on your Healthy Beginnings journey! Think about your motivation needs and decide if extra support is needed every other week, or every few months for periodic motivation refreshers or fine tuning!