Services Offered

Individual Consults

Every journey to health looks different. Set up your initial consult to get started and receive a personalized wellness plan

Pregnancy & Postpartum Virtual Center

Preparing your body for pregnancy is a great way to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy. Continuing to care for your body during pregnancy then sets you up for a smoother labor & recovery process, while also supporting your baby’s mental & physical development from conception to birth. It is never too early to start setting up a healthy beginning. Check out the resources available for pregnancy support.

Pediatrics & Parenting

Healthy Beginnings start at home. By taking the time to learn & address healthy feeding behaviors, you are setting your little ones up for a long & healthy life. Receive support from a registered dietitian to address infant feeding, healthy food introductions, toddler feeding behaviors (such as ‘picky eating’), pediatric weight or nutrition-related disease management, and general family health.

Online Classes

Are you needing a boost of motivation, limited on time, or want to get started with improving your health but want to ease into it? Check out the upcoming mini online classes to find motivation, simple practical tips, and ideas for moving forward with your health journey.

Employee Wellness

Did you know that investing in health has been shown to improve productivity, employee morale, and retention in the workplace? Ranging from newsletters to employee lunch & learns to full employee wellness programs, there is a way to support health in any workplace. Set up a consultation to customize your program.

Add on Services

Interested in a little extra spice as you navigate health? I have a few extra add-ons to give you a little boost to your journey!