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2021: The Year of Healthy Beginnings Conference

May 1st, 2021

Fiesta Family Cook Off

On May 1st,  families will come together from all over the map for Healthy Beginnings 5th virtual cook off!

Healthy Beginnings promotes healthy behaviors for families through events, dietitian counseling, and other resources. Help your kids learn healthy behaviors through cooking this year!

To participate in the event, you will need:

  • A computer with a working webcam & microphone
  • A kitchen
  • At least 2 family members with creative minds ready to compete

June 5th, 2021

Healthy Eating 101: My Healthy Beginnings

Whether you are wanting to lose weight, manage your blood sugars, live a longer life, or just want to spoil your body- healthy eating is a great foundation for getting started.

In this 1 hour workshop, we will go through the basics of nutrition and address the common challenges to healthy eating. Receive evidence-based information from a registered dietitian, feel inspired, and get ready to start your very own healthy beginnings!

    June 26th, 2021

    Patriotic Family Cook Off

    Every few months, families come together for some healthy fun in their own kitchen with Healthy Beginnings virtual cook offs.

    On June 26th, get ready to teach healthy behaviors to your kiddos through some cooking fun!

    To participate, you will need:

    • At least 2-3 family members
    • Usable kitchen
    • Working video and microphone

    Come see what the fun is all about!

      January 8th, 2022

      New Year’s Resolution Conference

      Wellness include many different categories of health. This leads to an infinite number of New Year’s Resolutions you could make. To kick off the New Year, Healthy Beginnings will host the second virtual New Year’s Resolution Conference to give you practical tips, motivational inspiration, and connections with resources that will help make your Resolutions successful.

      If you went to the 2021 New Year conference, you know how powerful it can be to learn from the experts and connect with others on your healthy goals. Each year we will grow this conference to be even more powerful than the year before. Are you ready for your Healthy Beginning?

      Register early for an an early bird discount!

      Extra early bird: March-July 30: $50 per ticket

      Early Bird: July 31st -November 26th: $75 per ticket

      Regular Admission: November 27th- January 7th: $100 per ticket

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