Healthy Beginningss

Dietitian led moments

to help you live the life

you love

Healthy living can lead to healing, freedom, and appreciation for life. My goal is to show how tasty and fun nutrition and healthy living can really be so that you can make those first steps toward your own healthy beginning.

Find your Passion

Some days we take on the world, and some days we take it hour by hour. Find your motivation, your passion, and your love for life to make healthy change happen

Keep your Body & Mind Healthy

What do you do to spoil your body and mind? Think about what you put into your body, how you manage your physical and mental stress, what you do to build relationships with those around you and the environment you live in. Wellness has so many components to help us reach our mental and physical potential. 

Live a Life You Love

How great would this world be if everyone lived the life they love? Small steps can make major impacts on loving the life that you live and living the type of life you love. 

Your Personal Registered Dietitian

My name is Lea Palmer and I am your personal registered dietitian nutritionist. I am excited to share my passion for a healthy life with you! Wellness has so many components and it can be tricky navigating. Together we can make those steps to reach your goals in an exciting way. Before you know it you will be LOVING the life you live!

As an introduction, I received my nutrition and dietetics degree from Utah State University. My dietetic rotations were at several locations around the state of Utah including:

  • Burn center
  • Pediatric hospital 
    • acute care​
    • surgical floor
    • outpatient diabetes clinic
    • outpatient cardiac clinic
    • NICU
  • General hospitals:
    • ICU’s
    • Oncology Department
    • Medical Floor
    • Rehabilitation Floor
    • Women’s Health
    • NICU
  • Dialysis center
  • WIC
  • Daycare
  • Elementary school
  • High school
  • Nursing homes & an Assisted Living facility
  • Refugee Connection Center

After graduation I worked as a state youth programming coordinator and moved down to Arizona to do my masters in public health and work as a WIC dietitian and clinic supervisor. 

I completed my masters project in Fargo, North Dakota with a focus on reducing postpartum depression among new mamas,

And now I am in Anchorage, Alaska starting my dream business while working for the Head Starts in rural villages around the state!

Nutrition and wellness is my passion at work and at home. I love cooking & trying new recipes, exploring the mountains with my dog, and finding creative ways to stay motivated.

This year is the year my dreams become reality with Healthy Beginnings, LLC. Now 2020 is the year of making your healthy dreams come true! Let’s connect and find your healthy passion in life!


1234 Divi St. #1000 San Francisco, CA 33945


8am to 5pm


(255) 352-6258