Infused water is an amazing way to switch up the flavor when you are getting bored of water or you live somewhere with odd tasting water (I love Arizona- I don’t love Arizona water)

In college I had an infused water pitcher that I would refill with a different fruit/ herb every few days and refill with water every time I poured a glass. Such a fun way to try out different flavors!





  • 1 ripe orange
  • 1 stem of mint leaves (mint tea bags also work if you don’t have fresh mint)
  • 1 mason jar (or pitcher if preparing a larger amount)

Step 1: Add fruit & mint to jar or pitcher
Step 2: Fill with water
Step 3: Put in fridge over night & enjoy the next day! You can use the same fruit & mint for 2-3 water refills if done within a day or two. Just pour infused water into a separate cup & refill with more plain water!