I hear so many telling me that ‘healthy food is gross’ or ‘I would be healthy but I like flavor too much’. And then I quickly correct them with ‘you’ve obviously not had the right type of healthy food!’ 

You guys, I am ALL about flavor. I am also all about how that food or drink makes me feel afterwards- where are my energy levels at? Does the meal make me feel nauseated/ heavy? or does it give me perfect contentment that doesn’t distract me while trying to do other things. 

So when I look for and create recipes, I am looking for something that both my taste buds and the rest of my body will love. 

Now let’s take a small tangent & talk about soda for a second. You hear it so often that soda is unhealthy, but truth be told, taking soda out cold turkey can be extremely difficult (If it was easy for you, make sure you count your blessings!) If you are used to drinking primarily soda, water is not always your preferred go to when switching. Sometimes it takes stages to fully back off the soda, but with some healthy & very tasty alternatives, you will be able to kick the soda habit in no time!

Something to try: Count the number of sodas you normally have in a week. Now choose a number you could replace with a cup of water, and a number you could replace with a healthier alternative such as this pomegranate mojito.

Example: Amanda drinks 2 cans each day (14 cans in 1 week)
Her goal: She will replace 4 cans with a glass of water & 4 cans with a pomegranate mojito
which means….. Amanda is only drinking 6 cans of soda next week! (big jump from last week!)


Pomegranate Mojito


  • Fresh mint leaves
  • 1/2 cup pomegranate juice
  • 3/4 cup Lime seltzer water
Step 1: Combine Ingredients
Step 2: Enjoy!

That’s it! If you want a stronger mint flavor (highly recommended), just set your cup in the fridge for a couple hours. 

This is also a crowd pleaser at parties! Prepare the drink a few hours ahead of time in a large pitcher & when its time to party, switch out the mint for some fresh leaves for a eye catching refreshment!