Hello Hello! 
I wasn’t loving the format of the previous site so I decided to switch. It’s a Friday night, but I couldn’t stop working on this…. so my Friday night is all yours <3 

To kick off this new and improved site, I want to celebrate with a post! (Exciting right?) 

In case you need another reason to celebrate tonight, today is the first day of summer!! There is 94 days of summer this year, and I intend to have some type of adventure EVERY DAY (challenge has been accepted).

Some highlights I have for this summer are:

  • Train for a sprint triathlon
  • Finish my master’s internship and choose my next place to live
  • Explore new types of foods and new recipes
  • Explore my surroundings
  • Continue my healing from divorce
  • Share my healthy adventures and nutrition passion with you

If everything lines up, I might even be able to start up some of the services listed as the next step of building this business!

Every day is the first day of the rest of our lives, so lets take advantage of that!

My focus for this 94 days of summer is overall wellness…. so post below with adventure ideas that can improve mental, physical, or spiritual health! Also- check out instagram for proof of the daily adventure (@leandralovebug)

At the end of the next 94 days I will create a post of all the highlights. Ready for a summer of adventures!!