Happy Monday my friends!! You’ll never believe where I am! (ok maybe you do since the title and picture gave it away…)

A couple weeks ago I finished up an absolutely incredible internship at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota, so it was time to take my next step! Travel to Alaska! My beautiful mamacita flew out to be my travel buddy through this week long road trip through Canada, and boy was it an adventure!

My family has always been big on road trips, but this road trip has topped them all. This road trip not only had the most stunning scenery, but it was also a monumental time for me, as it was my journey to the next major life step! 

One thing I love about road trips is the time to think. My phone did not connect well with Canada, so most of the trip was spent just observing nature around me, connecting with the most incredible mom, deep thinking, and resting.

To me, healing and a healthy mind comes from reflecting, it comes from connecting to people and to my surroundings, it comes from day dreaming, it comes from nourishment, it comes from gratitude, it comes from accepting and processing emotions, it comes from renewing my passion for life every week.

This week of travel allowed for all of these things, and I am so excited about this next chapter in my life, which includes officially opening my business for consults, classes, menu planning, group nutrition therapy, and more! (Stay tuned for more details

My Favorite Stops on the Journey to Alaska
On this trip we decided to stop at a few places per recommendations of some close friends and colleagues.

1st Major Stop: Glacier National Park in Montana. Pease put this on your bucket list friends! you will not be disappointed! 

“In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks”- John Muir
2nd Stop: Maggie’s Diner. One of my absolute favorite shows is Heartland, which is a Canadian show that happens to have one of it’s sets along our route to Alaska! So the little fan girl inside me was very excited about this quick stop. 
“Happiness is living a life having fun, friends, and freedom”
 3rd Stop: Banff Park. I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about Banff so that was my first request as we were planning our route. This park just amazed me with it’s breath taking views. I would not mind coming back here for a full vacation. 
“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all”- Helen Keller
4th Stop: Liard Hotsprings– thanks to a friend we found this incredible hidden treasure! It was just what we needed for our sore traveling muscles on a long trip!
“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it”- Sydney Harris
5th Stop: Sign Forest- if you ever have a chance to go through Watson Lake, Canada make sure you bring a license plate or sign to add to this huge sign forest! I also found the sign that shows my ‘guy’ came through in 2016… whoops!
“If happiness is a goal, then adventure should be a priority” -Richard Branson
Final Destination: Alaska!!
“The lessons you learn on your journey will always be more valuable than the destination itself”
Journeys are beautiful whether it is a road trip to Alaska or a journey to better health. My business is called Healthy Beginnings, because every day is a new beginning on that journey to better health. Healthy living is more of a journey in my mind than a destination because it is something we get to explore and live each day. Some days journeys are brutal, some days there are miracles, but every day is beautiful and a step towards living the life