I love being able to explore the world around me on a good road trip! Great for the mind and soul right? But are they great for your physical health? 

Raise your virtual hand if you have experienced the infamous traveling food guilt? Feeling that you will ‘get back’ to your healthy habits when you get home, or feeling like you have to go on some rigorous diet after your weekend trip to the beach?

I have 2 things to say about this:

First (and most importantly)- throw out that food shaming and the guilty thought process. 

Second: Understand that vacations and road trips can be a healthy experience! 

My rule in life is that I will enjoy everything I eat (this includes the way food makes me feel later on). Vacations are not a ‘break from being healthy’. They are simply opportunities to explore a new place. There is a place for exploring new foods, and a place for eating nutrient rich meals both at home and on the road. 

On this road trip to Alaska, I planned out healthy meals and snacks to pack my 2 coolers with. More often than not, unhealthy eating on road trips occurs because of mindless munching on whatever is within arms reach. So to set up for success, healthy snack preparation is key!

Then, when my mom and/or I  felt like having a sweet treat or trying a new restaurant, we would! No guilt, no shame whatsoever. Everything became more intentional and we enjoyed a healthy & very enjoyable road trip!

What do you put in your road trip cooler? Here are a few travel friendly snacks & meals to get your ideas rolling! Comment below with your favorite healthy road trip snack!



Looking forward to hearing everyone’s favorite travel treats!!