Happy Saturday peeps! Ready for a cup 1/2 full chat?? I want to make a shout out to my friends who are directionally challenged. What does this have to do with health you ask? Well you DC friends have the potential to have the most adventures, and be the healthiest people out there! 

I’m saying this mostly because I tend to get lost A LOT…. (today my grandma told me “I love my DC granddaughter”- I’ve officially been labeled) I’ve been fighting this trait for years, and some states I do better than others, but I have been lost so many times, I’ve become known for my adventures while being lost…

Take today for example… I pushed off going for my bike ride till the afternoon (first mistake). When I finally got about 4 miles out on my ride…. hello storm! I’m not talking about a drizzle. I am talking about rain going sideways, huge tree limbs falling and blocking roads, flooding roads, and even hail! I decided to head back, but I kinda forgot where I was, and then I couldn’t read all the street signs so I just ended up going further from home rather than towards it. 


So here is my cup 1/2 full moment:

I pushed myself- I mean, I didn’t too many choices, it was either get soaked by pushing through the storm to make it home and feel awesome because of my adventure OR get soaked by sitting in the storm, feel sorry for myself, and go literally nowhere. (are you seeing the metaphor for life??) Friends, storms are everywhere. Whether it’s this literal thunderstorm when you are trying to ride your bike, or whether it is the mental storm that fights against you when you are trying to make progress. You have to go through the storm whether or not you want to, so might as well push through it and make an adventure of it!

If I wasn’t so DC, I would of had a shorter ride,  I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard, and I wouldn’t have had the adventure of seeing the inside of that insane storm! The storm made it very difficult to see, but my vision couldn’t have been more clear. I have so much power within me, the adrenaline & muscle to push me forward, the mental strength to not give up, and the perspective to see the beauty & healing of my surroundings.

What is your storm right now? What are you pushing through in life? Are you sitting and sulking in the wet rain or are you moving through it, or better yet are you dancing through the rain?

Can’t wait to hear how you guys are using your storms to make you stronger and healthier both physically and mentally!